lunch box love notes

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sending my girlies off to school was really hard for me. I miss their sweet faces all day long and have been working to find myself again without my once constant companions. Lunch box notes have become both a creative outlet and one of the little things in my day that I cherish most.

Each morning while my girls are eating breakfast, I pack their lunch and put together a little love note. I have a happy stash of stickers, papers, cards and markers in my kitchen cabinet. On some days, I take my time and carefully craft a work of art or a message with special meaning. On others, the note may just be a quick “I love you.” Cosmo Cricket makes a line of scrapbook papers that can be cut into mini-cards, perfect for quick notes and so adorable! I love looking for new supplies. And now my girls have started to keep some of their favorite notes taped up on the bathroom mirror. Ahh, the joy lives on!!!

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