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January 29, 2012 § 4 Comments

Since our recent snow days, the girls and I have been obsessed with this great owl Valentine’s Day project.  My friend Stacy made the template from a felt owl decoration she’s had for years.  The best part of this project – once I precut a ton of owl bodies and wings and beaks and feet and eyes – is putting the pieces together.  It is so fun to mix and match all the great Valentine’s paper I’ve collected, and each owl looks so cute and unique.  “The possibilities are endless!” said Stacy to me in one of our many phone conversations back and forth about this project.  (Yes, I’ll admit it: we spend A LOT of time talking on the phone about crafting.)  We’ve been mass producing them for friends and family, and my Sophie is going to make them for her class Valentine exchange with sayings like “OWL always be your friend” and “WHOO loves you?” on the back.

I absolutely love the fact that my girls have inherited my craftiness.  We even kicked Drew out of the office (he didn’t really need it anyway) and have turned it into a full-time craft room.  I don’t think he knew what he was getting into when he married me, and my girlies are just the same.  I have to ask Bella where craft supplies are because she is constantly working on her own little projects.  She has a sewing machine and loves to knit and stitch as well as do paper crafts.  And Sophie usually always has a painting going at her easel or is building some kind of elaborate 3D model using paper and glue sticks.  It’s not unusual to hear me yell out across the house, “Where are my Cutter Bee detail scissors?” or “Has anyone seen the Diamond Glaze and Modge Podge?” followed by girls’ quick responses and retrievals.  Poor Drew had better just stand back – in this crafty house he is seriously outnumbered.  We’ve got Glue Dots, and we aren’t afraid to use them!!

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